Steep & Brew Coffeemaker
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56911 - Steep & Brew 12 Cup Drip Coffeemaker


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Brew handcrafted-quality coffee at home with the touch of a button. The Steep & Brew’s patented technology allows you to create a classic coffee brew, or the richest, boldest coffee at the touch of a button. With the precision steep selector, you can adjust steep time and brew strength to unlock the fullest flavor of your coffee. Controlled steeping offers an expanded array of richness, without the bitterness of traditional, non-steep brewing methods.

  • Programmable coffeemaker with digital display, choose variable brew strengths, steep times, or traditional brew.
  • Delayed Start - With Delayed Start, your coffee is ready when you are.
  • Preheated Carafe Function - Program to preheat your carafe, for hot coffee from the first drip.
  • Programmable Auto Shut-off - Heating plate can be programmed for 1-4 hours; keep coffee at the optimal serving temperature before automatically shutting off.
  • Includes 1-4 Cup mode - Brew temperature and time are optimized to provide perfect flavor in a smaller batch of coffee.
  • Pause & Serve - Carafe can be removed for serving at any time during the brew cycle, perfect for when you need to sneak a cup.
  • Includes removable nylon mesh filter and basket.
  • Carafe, basket, and filter are dishwasher-safe.


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