Expiration Dates


What are the shelf lives of my West Bend consumables?

Unopened, 2 years. Opened, 6 months. Must be refrigerated once opened.
Manufacturing date can be determined by finding the number stamped on the label. If your label has 7 digits, the first 2 numbers are the flavor #, the next 3 are the day of the year it was produced, and the last 2 numbers are the year of manufacture. For example, the number 2004312, is flavor number 20, made on the 43rd day of 2012.

If your label has 6 digits, the first 2 digits are the year, next 3 are the day of the year it was manufactured, the last number is a factory number unrelated to date. These numbers are then followed by a time stamp of the time of manufacture. For example,  the number 130293   23:34 was manufactured the 29th day of 2013 at 11:34PM.


Popcorn & Oil: 2 years.

Seasonings: 2 years. These are salt based and will only lose flavor over time.

The packaging on our consumable products does not feature expiration dates, but it does include the date is was made. Manufacturing dates of the Popcorn & Oil and popcorn seasonings can be determined by looking at the 5 digit number stamped on the packaging. The first three numbers are the day and the last two numbers are the year. For example, if your number is 20612, your popcorn was packaged the 206th day of 2012.

Ice Cream Mixes: Refer to the "Best By" date on packaging.

Cotton Candy Sugars: Refer to the "Best By" date on packaging.