Stuck Pops

I can’t remove my ice pops from the mold. Why?

There are several reasons that ice pops may be difficult to remove.

  • Did you overfill the mold? Overfilling the mold makes ice pop removal very difficult. When making ice pops, never fill above the fill line. It is for this reason we advise against using carbonated beverages to make ice pops, as they tend to expand and go beyond the fill line.
  • Did you put the sticks into the mold after adding the ingredients? Make sure that the sticks are placed in the mold before ingredients. If the sticks are added after the ingredients, they will not be fully seated in the mold and will make ice pop removal very difficult.
  • What are your ice pops made of? Ice pops made with sugar-free or artificially sweetened beverages or plain water will be impossible to remove from the mold. Always use sugared liquids to make ice pops. If using carbonated beverages, make sure they are completely flat before using for ice pops. If using yogurts or puddings, ice pop removal may be difficult as these do not freeze as solidly as other ingredients.
  • Was your Arctic Pops™ Maker dried thoroughly of any water before freezing? Was plain water run in the Arctic Pops™ Maker while it was still cold? Any plain water still inside the molds will make ice pop removal very difficult. If you’re going to wash your Arctic Pops™ Maker, always be sure that it has completely thawed before washing. Before re-freezing, make sure that it has completely dried.
  • If your removal tool “slips” off of the stick while trying to remove ice pops, squeeze the sides of the removal tool while levering the pop out of the mold. This should help keep the tool from slipping off of the stick.